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Accountability Assemblage

Join other entrepreneurs, founders and people in business weekly and achieve results, cultivate high performance and fulfil on what matters to you. 


When it comes to high performance, accountability is key.

Being a high performer achieving extraordinary results requires honouring our word, taking consistent action and delivering on promises. 

When we hold ourselves and others to account we create environments of accountability that lead to high performance and the achievement of progress and success. This program supports you to fulfil on what matters to you, to take consistent actions that moves the needle forward and achieve the results you desire, with velocity! 

This program will
enable you to:

  • Achieve results and fulfil goals with velocity

  • Remain focused, on track and taking actions

  • Develop yourself professionally and personally

  • Powerfully employ the group's knowledge and experience to solve problems and overcome challenges

  • Connect and network with other people in business across diverse sectors and industries

  • Contribute to, be contributed to, and share in the success of others in the community (including connecting specifically with other women in business) 

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The keys to success

Weekly 1/2 hour accountability call

Every week 1/2 group accountability calls will be held to report on actions taken, commit to future actions and share successes. These calls will also provide an opportunity to leverage the wisdom of others to problem solve common challenges. 

Different time options are available.

Monthly live Group Coaching Call

Once a month you can join the women in leadership one-hour group coaching call on Zoom. Here you can chat and interact with Danielle, share your experiences, ask questions and receive guidance around enhancing your performance, leadership and achievement of your results. 

Your investment  

The introductory offer for this investment of 4 x 1/2 weekly accountability calls, and monthly group coaching calls Introductory offer is:

  • AUD $199 (GST Inclusive) per month for the first 30 participants; or

  • AUD $549 (GST inclusive) for your first three months.

In this weekly accountability structure you will: 

Accountability Assemblege 

If you're ready to join a collective of other like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders ready to fulfil on what matters and achieve results
Accountability Assemblage is for you. 

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