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The Leadership Coaching Collective

Join us on a three month journey to creating confident, capable and courageous female leaders.

We are all capable of being extraordinary leaders. 

Yet, the biggest barrier to our leadership is ourselves. We get in our own way. We don’t think we can do it, we don’t know how, and we often aren't supported to discover and learn.

We cannot transform or overcome that which we cannot see; that which remains hidden from our view. If what we've always done worked, we would be the leaders in our life unleashing our greatness.

There are multitudes of books, podcasts, lectures and advice around leadership, especially for women. They are a brilliant resource for refining and expanding our leadership capabilities. However, being a leader in the world, is about who we ‘be’ as a leader, how we show up, how we behave and the actions we take. To be freed up to ‘be’ the leader we want to be in the world, we need to first discover what is in the way and stopping us.

This is what inspired me to design a powerful, interactive group coaching program specifically tailored to current, or aspiring, female leaders across a range of sectors. 

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The program is for you if:

  • You see authentic leaders that you want to be like, but you don’t know how to do it.

  • You feel like an imposter waiting for someone to find out that you’re not quite as capable as others may think.

  • You have the technical skills and experience, but question whether you are capable or have what it takes to progress in your career and secure the next promotion.

  • You lack the confidence to communicate powerfully, to be seen, heard and to ask for what you want. 

  • You want to develop your soft skills, to uncover your unique leadership style, to produce extraordinary results, and to lead and inspire others.

  • You are craving a like-minded community of other female leaders who will support you, contribute to you and partner with you as you explore your expression of leadership in the world.

Leadership happens out here in conversation and interactions with others. It’s how we engage with people; how we behave, think, what we say and how we show up in the world. And what’s remarkable about leadership, is there is no one size fits all. We all have our own style, our own passions and our own unique contribution to make.

Leadership is about who we ‘be’ and doing what is required to fulfill what we’re up to. It’s about being authentically you, the you that is not held back, not stopped by your fears or limitations. It’s the you who goes for it and achieves what matters to you!

Leadership Coaching Collective

If you're clear that having a breakthrough in your confidence, communication and capacity for inspiring others would be a game changer for you, and you’re ready to learn from someone who’s been there and done it the Leadership Coaching Collective is where you need to be. 

In this three month program, we will cover:

Meet Your Mentor

Hello and welcome. I'm Danielle. 

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I’m passionate about making a difference in the world. I’m committed to empowering and supporting women to achieve beyond what they thought possible; to be inspired, self-expressed, to fulfil what matters to you and to get what you want in life.

I’ve been where you are, that niggling feeling that leadership is what’s next. An experience of feeling somewhat unseen, unheard and unsure as to why we can’t just ask for what you want; and get it! I’ve been there, inspired by incredible leaders and wanting to become that, but not knowing how. I’ve read the books, listened to the gurus. I’ve had the technical skills and  experience but just couldn’t seem to find the courage, or know how, to make the leap.

I am fascinated by leadership and what it makes possible. I started exploring leadership and the type of leader I aspired to be many years ago. Since then, I’m constantly developing and expanding my capacities as a leader to achieve results with velocity inside of making a difference in the world. I’m a qualified Executive Coach and have committed my life to being the type of leader who leads with love and authenticity. As a result I get to fulfil what matters to me, and this is what I want for you all!


I’ve founded charities, and my own businesses, and have been employed as a COO in a software start-up and a CEO of multiple health based organisations. But what I love the most, is where I get to step up and make a difference to others, to see others succeed and achieve what matters to them. I’m clear that leadership is available to us all, and that leaders are created, not born.

I created this program inside of my commitment to empowering as many women as I can to experience true freedom, confidence and power in their lives, and to create a space for women to support one another to achieve what matters to them.

What you will receive: 

This is a hands-on, exclusive and explorative 3 month online group coaching program available to women only. We will meet together weekly in powerful online trainings and coaching calls, to explore and develop our unique style of leadership. 

Each program is limited to 15 spaces to ensure you receive personalised support and can establish meaningful connections with fellow aspiring leaders. Programs can be tailored to different segments including women in tech, women in the construction industry, women in business etc. 


All trainings and coaching calls will be online and live. Replays of all live sessions will be available and will be stored on your private membership site for you to revisit at any time


12 x Live, Workshop-Style Online Trainings

Every week the course content will be taught via a live 90-minute online training. These will be interactive, workshop-style sessions with a mix of powerful teachings, activities and an open Q&As with Danielle. All sessions will be recorded and stored on your private membership site. 


3 x Live & Interactive Group Coaching Calls

On these video coaching calls, you will come together live with your community and Danielle to receive personalised coaching support. Here you can chat and interact with Danielle, share your experiences, ask questions and receive guidance around what is arising for you personally.


1 x Program Manual

Each of the four modules are accompanied by a practical workbook, which includes reflection exercises, activities, and questions to take you deeper into the course content and help you apply them to your personal situation.


3 Months of Mentoring, Coaching and Support from Danielle and the Community

You will spend 3 months with Danielle where you will be able to receive ongoing guidance, support and mentoring. You will also join your fellow course members in an exclusive, private online group where you will be able to interact, connect and support the other women who you are sharing this leadership journey with you.​

The program will help you to: 

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  • Increase your confidence in the workplace

  • Be free of the constraints and barriers that stop you from being a leader

  • Realise and unleash your greatness and your natural courage to lead

  • Develop the confidence and tools to communicate powerfully, clearly and effectively

  • Negotiate difficult conversations and be confident in resolving conflict

  • Think strategically and from a senior leader lens

  • Increase productivity and accountability for yourself and your team

  • Ask for what you want

  • Be connected to other incredible female leaders in a sector similar to yours 

Aspiring female leaders, this is your invitation.

This is your opportunity to explore, expand and experience yourself as a leader in a supportive and safe space with other aspiring female leaders. This is your opportunity to explore your authentic leadership style and to discover how great you truly are.

It is your time to expand and step into your power. It is time to build your confidence and tap into your courage to apply for that promotion, ask for the payrise and be seen, heard and respected.

You do not have to explore this leadership journey alone, nor are you meant to.

When inspiring and aspirational women come together and share and learn with each other, growth becomes exponential; we learn from others and they learn from us. As you join the community through this course, you will be seen, held, encouraged and empowered to step into your leadership and fulfill what matters to you.

Imagine who you could become if you saw who you really are and what you are capable of.

Imagine how you would feel if you were encouraged and acknowledged and could explore in a safe and supportive community.

Imagine what could be possible for you if you believed in yourself and could see your greatness.

Imagine what you could achieve if you have the confidence to speak, your presence be heard and seen, and to have courage to communicate in any situation.

Anything would be possible. You would be the leader you want to be.

So brilliant woman, the time is now. We have exciting and powerful work to do.

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Leadership Coaching Collective

If you're clear that having a breakthrough in your confidence, communication and capacity for inspiring others would be a game changer for you, and you’re ready to learn from someone who’s been there and done it the Leadership Coaching Collective is where you need to be. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When does the course begin?

There next group coaching program commences in February 2024. Spots are limited.  

What is the investment?

The investment for this group coaching program is $2,750 AUD (inc. GST).


Can this program be delivered to whole teams and organisations?  

Yes. Whole teams can participate in the and boutique all of organisation programs can be designed. To discuss what would make the biggest difference to your team, please reach out here. 


How is the course material delivered?

All of the course material is delivered through live, online sessions, including the workshop--style trainings and live coaching calls.

How do I access the course material?

All materials and resources is recorded for you to access. 

What happens if I miss a session?

If you miss a live session, it's not a problem. All of the live sessions will be recorded and made available to you to watch at a later date.  

How do I join the program?

You can join the program by clicking on the following link: Join here. Once payment has been made Danielle will be in touch for a welcome call to confirm the dates and times that work best for you. 

How can I find out more?

If you have questions, or would like to discuss how this program could make a difference to you, Danielle would love to hear from you. You can contact her by emailing: or by calling 0422 090 291. 

Luciana Todd, Australia

“Danielle has the ability to cut across critical information in a systematic way and explain it in an easily understandable way for students. Her enormous stand for women in leadership is present in every interaction with the students and coaching skills are second to none. Danielle has a huge capacity for high level strategic and critical thinking which she then disseminates and communicates clearly to her audience"

Ali B, Australia

"All through regular coaching, I have become more consistently focused when it comes to actioning and developing what is key to my success. As such I recommend Kayo Consulting as a worthwhile investment that will help bring results."

Frances Pratt, Australia

" I am delighted to work with Danielle in co-facilitating workshops, online discussions and coaching, Danielle is a thoughtful leader and highly professional. During our sessions, Danielle holds space for exploration of topical issues and creates a relevance to the participants. I found Danielle to be committed to preparation, delivery and reviewing the goals and outcomes we generated in partnership."
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